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Week of April 20th

First, find a work mat! You can use a towel, bathmat, placemat, etc. Your child is used to having a designated workspace; one that they know is only theirs, and that they can safely leave their work on if they need a break, or something else comes up. They know where to come back to. 

Second, have your child help you make these works! It encourages ownership and learning, plus its extra time together!

Last, rescue is robbery! Try your hardest to step back and just watch! You'll be surprised how much they can figure out!

Sensorial: Pattern Work

You will need a bowl of colored objects and pattern cards.

-Start by creating pattern cards. Patterns can be alternating (AB Pattern), alternating every 3 colors (A,B,C Pattern), or a more unique pattern (ABBA Pattern)— All shown in picture. Leave 2 to 3 blank spaces for at the end of each pattern card.

-Place items that make up the patterns in a bowl

*Only put the right amount of items to complete the pattern cards with this work. It allows for the child to correct themselves. If there are objects in the bowl when they are done, they will know to go back and check their work.*

-Child will place colored object on each spot, and continue for the length of the card

-The blank spaces will be used to complete the pattern.

-When finished, return items to the bowl.

Pattern Work.JPG

Practical Life: Sink or Float Experiment

You will need 4 bowls, Sink and Float labels, a washcloth, and items to experiment with. If you have tongs to allow the child to tong items into the water, great! If you don’t, gentle hands work just as well!

-Place items in one bowl

-Fill one bowl with water

-Place sink and float labels in front of separate bowls

-Choose one item to put into the water, see if it sinks to the bottom of the bowl or floats on top of the water

-Remove item from water and dry it with the washcloth

-Put in the corresponding bowl (sink or float)

-Repeat with all items

Sink or Float.JPG

Movement, Practical Life and Math: Earth Day Walk

You will need a garbage bag, gloves and maybe stick if you’d like!


-Go on a nature walk around your neighborhood with a garbage bag -Pick up any trash that you see on the side of the road

-Count each piece you put in your garbage bag. 

-When your walk is over share with us on our Facebook page how many pieces of trash were found!


*Alternative game: Playing for points!

-Small pieces of trash = 1pt.

-Medium pieces of trash = 5pts.

-Large Pieces of trash = 10 pts.

-When your walk is over share with us on our Facebook page how many pieces of trash were found and how many points were accumulated.

Language:Earth Day Sound Box Cards

Follow this instructional video to make new cards for your sound boxes!

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 11.08.44

Cultural and Math: Measuring length of African Animals

This work enables your child to comprehend the scale of these amazing animals in a concrete way. You will need a measuring tape, masking tape, and a writing implement.


-Using a measuring tape, mark inches and feet on the tape that you used for last week's walking on a line lesson

-A tape line that is longer than 8 feet would be optimal for this lesson

-Add additional footage to your current tape line if space allows

-Discuss the inch unit of measurement, thus 12 inches=1 foot. Count together if your child requires assistance. 

-Research the length of African animals. For example a cheetah is 3.6-4.9 feet long, a wildebeest is 6 feet. 

-Label the name of the animal on the mark which corresponds with their length. 


*Language Extension: Write the length of your chosen animals in your African journal that you may have started for distance learning week of 3/23. *

Movement: Yoga freeze

The children really enjoy this and often request it! You will need something to play music and some open space!


-Clear an area in your home in order to safely dance-

-Play music, for a minute or so and have your child dance

-Pause the music (freeze it)

-Have your child position themselves in yoga pose of their choice

-Restart music and repeat for as long as you want!


*Some of their favorites are dog, cat and butterfly. Encourage your child to choose a different yoga pose every time you pause the music. This activity fosters the ability to transition and is just really FUN! Don’t focus on if they are doing the position perfectly, it’s more about body control!*

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