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Week of April 13th

First, find a work mat! You can use a towel, bathmat, placemat, etc. Your child is used to having a designated workspace; one that they know is only theirs, and that they can safely leave their work on if they need a break, or something else comes up. They know where to come back to. 

Second, have your child help you make these works! It encourages ownership and learning, plus its extra time together!

Last, rescue is robbery! Try your hardest to step back and just watch! You'll be surprised how much they can figure out!

Reading Cards  

Used for early readers or those who have mastered all their sounds

-Access PDF of reading cards here

-Print cards and cut apart

-Have your child say the sound of each letter in the word

-Once they have all the sounds, ask them to blend the sounds together

-Keep repeating the sounds blending them to form the word

-Return card and repeat with next one

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 1.48.18 PM.png

Math Work: Sets Basket #2

-Make cards for numerals 1-10, or higher based on your child's capability (You can use the sandpaper numbers from week 3/30)

-Put them in order at the top of work mat. 

-Have your child collect 1 of something and place it under the 1, find 2 of something and place it under the 2 and so on. 

-Return items from where they were found

-Clean up numbers and work mat

Note: If the items your child chooses for this work are larger, their work mat will have to be larger also. 

*Language Extension: Write numbers and have your child match to corresponding numeral.*


Practice Buttoning

Follow this instructional video to practice buttoning!

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 1.44.48 PM.png

Wax Resistant Egg Painting

Follow this instructional video to do egg painting!

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 1.44.08 PM.png

Language Work: Writing Tray

-Place salt, rice or ground coffee on a cookie sheet or serving tray. 

-Use pointer finger and middle finger of dominant hand to form letter shapes and numbers.


Note: If your child has already developed a firm pincer grasp, they may use an eraser end of a pencil to form shapes instead of using their two fingers. 


Option: Add glitter, sequins or other small items to your tray to add interest and enthusiasm!


Gross Motor Work: Walking on a Line

-Place an 8 ft long (longer if space allows) piece of tape (painters, duct) on the floor

-Walk heel to toe on the line. Their arms may be spread out (like a bird) to provide further balance. 


*Extension: Once your child is able to consistently stay on the line from beginning to end, they can be challenged to walk on the line while holding a heavy book, putting a light basket on their head, carrying a cup of water, carrying a bell and keeping it stable as not to ring and anything else you both can think You can also challenge them further by making the line thinner or curved into a circle.*

Practical Life: Egg Matching

You will need Easter eggs and a bowl to keep them in.

-Put opened eggs in bowl

-Match colored tops to bottoms

-Close Eggs

-When done, open all eggs and return to the bowl (Student will know “to get the work ready for the next friend. Any work that is completed, should be returned to its original set-up.)

*Extensions: Once eggs are matched, group by color, make patterns with them, see which color has the least and which has the most.*

Egg Match.jpg

Language: Letter Matching

You will need 10 Easter eggs, 5 small pieces of paper, and objects that start with the corresponding letters.

-Choose which sound box your child has been working on. (I.E.: Sound Box 1 is m, b, f, t, a) They are listed on previous weeks of distance learning

-Write those letters on 5 separate pieces of paper

-Find (or make) small objects that start with those sounds

-Put one paper in an egg. Put one object in an egg. Repeat for all letters and objects.

-Put all eggs in one bowl

-Open one egg at a time to reveal a letter or an object

-Place on mat to find its match

-Continue with all eggs

-Return letters and objects to individual eggs

-Return eggs to bowl


*Option: For control of error, you can match the color of the eggs, Fore example “m” and the magnet would both be in blue eggs.*

Letter Matching.jpg
Inside Eggs.jpg
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