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Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs are offered on a weekly basis, during the afternoon work period. Every child will be given the opportunity to be immersed in our variety of specials. Enrichment Programs change based on the day of the week.

Sign Language with Miss Martha- In a group setting, Miss Martha teaches our students American Sign Language. The content includes, but is not limited to, colors, animals, letters, and basic activities. Flash cards and games are some of our favorite ways to learn new signs. 

Art- Our art curriculum begins by laying the foundation in basic materials, color mixing, and principles in art. The children will then dive into a chosen culture, based on the continent being studied in the primary classroom. Specific artists and techniques are taught from the area of study. Within these teachings, each child will be able create work unique to themselves.


Music with Mr. Frank- Frank Natter, of Face Arts Music, in Deep River, Connecticut, conducts an outstanding music program at our school! The children will learn basic music terms and notes, while being given the opportunity to hear, hold, and play various musical instruments. Also, Mr. Frank introduces music and instruments from our area of study, to share the beauty of  world culture with the children. 


Story Telling with Miss Amy- Miss Amy brings our favorite stories to life in our story telling program! Each child is given the opportunity to star in a role and sit in the audience. With acting and song, the students build confidence in standing and speaking in front of others. 

Movement with Miss Linalynn- Miss Linalynn brings movement, yoga and dance to our school for an exciting enrichment period where the children learn to move and control their bodies to music. The combination of balance and coordination helps the students with spatial awareness and gross motor refinement. 

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