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Click each special title to linked to an activity!

The students LOVE Cosmic Kids Yoga! The videos range anywhere from 2 to 45 minutes!

The students have been singing Je Je Kule with Mr. Frank! It's a call and response song!

They have also been practicing keeping a steady beat... ask them about "We Will Rock You!"

Color some African masks, then make some of your own with paper plates!

Practice your sign language! This site has a tone of videos, work pages and activities!

This is an audio site geared towards children. They promote good values, like kindness and empathy, with a focus on ways to make the world a better place. Click the words “Sparkle Stories” to be linked to their site. The code FUNATHOME will give you a 30 day free access pass to stories and activities. 

This is a podcast of narrated folktales. Actors play parts of different characters with musical accompaniment! Miss Shay likes to give her children paper and art utensils while they listen to illustrate the stories!

This site offers guidance on teaching art in a Montessori classroom! It has free virtual art lessons and activities. Click "Art Teaching Blog" tab at the top of the page for all the posts! 

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