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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a daycare service?

We are not! We run an academic program based on the philosophies of Maria Montessori. You can learn more on our programs and resources pages.

What is a typical daily schedule?

You can find a sample of our daily schedule here.

How many days does your program operate?

We offer 3, 4 ,or 5 full days. A full day is from 8:40am to 3:00pm. Drop off is from 8:40-9:05am and pick up is from 2:40-3:00pm. Which days your child attends is dependent on your schedule and the school's availability.

Do you offer enrichment programs?

Yes! You can learn more about our enrichment programs here. These programs run on specific days of the week. If your child is not signed up for 5 days, they will miss some of the offered programs. We do our best to include as many students as possible!

Where can I view the tuition schedule?

Our tuition schedule is part of the information packet that you can request on our Contact page.

Can I tour the school with my child?

Or course! You can email our Directress on the Contact page to schedule a tour.

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