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Week of March 23rd

First, find a work mat! You can use a towel, bathmat, placemat, etc. Your child is used to having a designated workspace; one that they know is only theirs, and that they can safely leave their work on if they need a break, or something else comes up. They know where to come back to. 

Second, have your child help you make these works! It encourages ownership and learning, plus its extra time together!

Last, rescue is robbery! Try your hardest to step back and just watch! You'll be surprised how much they can figure out!

Numbers and Counters

Alter numbers to what your child knows, or is working on. 0-5, 0-10, 11-19, etc.

-Start by writing numbers on separate pieces of paper. 

-Gather counting materials (you will need 55 pieces for 0-10) Try puzzle pieces, goldfish, buttons, marbles, legos, anything you have on hand!

-Lay out numerically on their work mat (towel, bath mat, etc.)

-Under each number, you child will put the corresponding number of items. 

-Return items and cards to the bowl to clean up.


*If they get it incorrect, do not fix it!*

Let them finish and see if they run out, or don’t have enough pieces.

This work is self correcting, let them find the error!


Sound box Scavenger Hunt

In the class room we have out letter sounds broken down in 5 sound boxes:

1- m, f, t, b, a          2- r, c, g, h, u          3- j, w, n, p, e, i

4- d, l, k, s, o          5- v, z, q, x, y

We use the sounds of the letters, not the names! Start with sound box 1 and more forward as your child has displayed a solid understanding of the sounds. If your child has had sound box lessons, they may remember why sound box they were working on in the classroom!

-Make letter cards for one of the sound boxes, make the vowels a different color from the consonants

-Lay them out on the work mat

-Send your child on a scavenger hunt! Find one, or as many objects as you want, that begin with each letter! Repeat for all sound boxes.

-Return items to where they were found and clean up letter cards.

Sound Box.jpg

Color Sorting

-Gather crayons

-Have your child sort them by color

-Extension Option: Practice grading them from lightest to darkest, and darkest to lightest.


African Writing Journal

Make an African writing journal to record your discoveries this week.

Have your child write their findings in their journal.   

Monday-Identify African instruments.

Tuesday- Animals

Wednesday- Traditional clothing.

Thursday- Native languages

Friday- Ethnic foods

*If your child needs assistance with formation of letters, use a light colored pencil to write out the words so they can trace.* 


Listen to some authentic African drumming on YouTube and have a dance party!

African Journal.JPG

100 Board Practice

Some of our students have been working on the 100 Board! Keep this practice going at home!

-Make or print two 100 square grids

-On one grid, have your child write numbers 1-100 and cut apart

-Fill empty grid with the numbers


*Some children find it helpful to make piles first, 1's, 10's, 20's and so on.*

Help them start their piles, then let them work!

- Extensions Options- Fill in every other row or column, make an X, fill the border only 

100 Board.jpg

Self Care Practice

Now is a great time to practice self care! It's hard to do when we all have places to be at certain times. It's quicker to help your child get ready to be out the door, but right now, time is ample!

Let them practice getting ready on their own!

Here are some ideas:




-Shoe tying

-Brushing hair/teeth

-Sweeping, dusting, vacuuming 

-Make lunch

-Help make dinner or set the table

-Folding laundry

The options are endless!

Soon enough you'll be fighting them to help, but right now they love it! Use this time to help them learn to do these activities on their own!

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