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Week of May 11th

First, find a work mat! You can use a towel, bathmat, placemat, etc. Your child is used to having a designated workspace; one that they know is only theirs, and that they can safely leave their work on if they need a break, or something else comes up. They know where to come back to. 

Second, have your child help you make these works! It encourages ownership and learning, plus its extra time together!

Last, rescue is robbery! Try your hardest to step back and just watch! You'll be surprised how much they can figure out!

Math Work: Graphing the Weather

You will need 1 piece of white paper, a ruler, and crayons, markers, or colored pencils.

-Make a column at the top of your paper

-Divide the sheet of paper into 4 equal parts

-Draw a picture for sunny, cloudy, partly sunny, and raining at the top of each column

-Every day choose a different color crayon, maker, or colored pencil and fill in the section, starting at the bottom of the column, that best describes the weather.   

-At the end of the week, count how many colored areas you have in each column and write that number at the top.  

-Which column was colored the most?


*Extension: Try graphing the weather for the entire month or for two weeks.*


Experiment: How many rocks will it take to sink your boat?

You will need 1 medium/large bowl, a square of aluminum foil, rocks/marbles/gems, water and a towel.

-Fill your bowl about half way with water

-Make a boat with your piece of aluminum foil, nothing fancy.  

-Place your boat in the bowl of water

-If it floats start to slowly add one rock, marble, or gem at a time into your boat

-Count each rock that you add to your boat

-See how many rocks you can place into the boat before it begins to sink

-Remove your boat and rocks once it sinks and place on the towel

-Dry the items off and repeat this process as many times as you'd like

-Try making different boats to see which holds the most items!


Feelings Game

Click for the PDF instructions!

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 9.13.01 PM.png

Circle Matching

Click for the PDF instructions!

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 9.14.50 PM.png

Math work: Numeral Memory Game

You will need 2 work mats needed for this activity. 


-Work mat #1 has bowl with folded pieces of paper with numerals 1-10 written on them and an empty bowl/basket. 

-Work mat #2 has a bowl of 55 objects and is placed in a room of your home that is farthest from work mat #1. 

*This distance encourages movement and allows for longer period of time for child to retain number chosen.*

-Have child pick a piece of paper and say number out loud that is chosen. T

-Child takes the empty “runner” bowl to go collect that amount out of the bowl of objects on work mat #2. 

-When the child returns with objects, have them carefully place objects in a line on mat and count using 1:1 correspondence — pointing and counting at same time. This will allow for self correction if they brought back more or less objects than chosen number. 

-This continues until all numbers are chosen. 


Ideas for objects could be puzzle pieces, legos, marbles etc...if your child is working on teens or beyond you can write those numbers on the folded papers and add the correct amount of objects to bowl. For example if doing numerals 1-15 you will need 120 objects. 


Working with Colors: 2 Part Lesson

Part One: Creating the Color Wheel/Color Mixing

You will need a piece of paper, coloring utensils and a circular object to trace.


-Start by creating a large circle, broken into eighths (or as many colors you have at home…We know supplies can be limited!), and 3 Venn Diagrams. 

*If possible, we recommend making copies of the blank version. The children love to repeat coloring sheets like this one!

-Provide coloring utensils to fill in the color wheel

-Use the diagrams to show results of color mixing

-If necessary, help child by filling in the larger circles, and have them complete what color will be created by mixing.

-Feel free to get creative here! Use paint, go outside and create this work with sidewalk chalk! Use what you have!

*Language Extension: Have your child write the names of the colors.*


Part Two: Color Hunt

-Bring your color wheel and mixing paper outside

-Go on a scavenger hunt to find one item of each color

-If it is a rainy day, go on a hunt through your home!


*Language Extension: If you have a nature journal, you can write or draw these items there!*

Color Wheel.jpeg

Language work: Gratitude Journal

-For each day this week, ask your child what they are grateful for and document in writing journal.

-Ex: “Today is Monday and I am grateful for my family”

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